Sustainable furniture

We work with residual materials, upcycling, no waste and environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo to create sustainble furniture.

Our philosophy

We Do Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2011, based on the vision that new Danish design and strict sustainability principles should go hand in hand. We work with Danish furniture manufacturers and have a long tradition of craftsmanship and high quality furniture. We have made it our ambition to always seek the better alternative and therefore we work on all 3 pillars when it comes to sustainability.

A responsible team

The management team and owners behind We Do Wood are CEO Klaus Jorlet and Sales Director Søren Andersen. As a team, we are committed to raise the bar on all sustainability parameters we work with. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a more sustainable and innovative way of doing furniture. Most importantly, we hope we will inspire you to join us in seeking the better alternative.

Economic development
We always make sure that our products is made to last both in terms of materials and design – and when possible, we upcycle and recycle.

We care deeply about our footprint. Therefore, the end-to-end supply chain, from plantation to final product, is C02-neutral or better.

Environmental protection
We choose sustainable materials, and when possible we use formaldehyde-free glue, choose water-based paint or avoid paint by implementing other techniques such as carbonisation and oxidation.

Social development
We only work with certified FSC-suppliers and talk openly about sustainability and what we can do for the next generation.

All products meet the strict European formaldehyde emission EO standard, ensuring an emission-free indoor climate.

Certified suppliers
Suppliers and manufacturers are certified ensuring materials and final products are chemical-, pesticide-, herbicide- and fertilizer-free.

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